Dodson Family History(2005)

Dodson Family History Res copy Having spent a considerable amount of time over the past few months, often late into the night, scanning old photographs and typing copious notes, I have now in 2005 produced a Dodson Family History. This document of 50 pages includes 9 generations of the Dodson family commencing with George Dodson (1761-1839). I have been greatly helped by my mother’s photos together with the memories of my Aunt Margery who was able to recall in great detail the early days of her life and that of her Mother Mabel and Father Herbert Dodson and her sister Muriel and brothers Eddie  and Arthur (my father).  There are notes on each descendant in the direct line including pictures and copies of documents. I have sent copies to Margery and Muriel and to my cousins Arlene, Jackie and Anita in Canada and to my mother in Shannon. Copies have been given to Karen, Ian and Suzanne. I will be bringing a copy with me when Theresa and I visit Paul in Australia from 19th March to 21st April 2006.

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